Offering You Only Our Best

Offering You Only Our Best

When we see full, lush, and colorful flowers in the spring we often fail to see all the decisions and work that went into the final product. I recently read an article in one of our greenhouse trade magazines about the process of growing plants. It talked about how each step in the process must be the best or it will limit the outcome. My first thought was, “Why would anyone think they need to write an article about something that seems so obvious?” Who wouldn’t understand if you used inferior plants, products, or practices you would end up being dissatisfied with the results? After all, that is exactly what we’ve been obsessed with for nearly 20 years of growing plants.

Experienced greenhouse growers know if they start with inferior plant varieties, poor quality planting mix, improper watering, the wrong fertilizer, undersized containers, substandard growing environment, or bad pest control they will produce plants that do not meet customers’ expectations. They know that even if every step in the process is done well except one, the end product will suffer. We have made many mistakes over the years that have taught us we need to constantly be improving everything we do. We purchase our starter plants from the best suppliers, select the best performing varieties, use quality potting mix and fertilizers.

Our growing process includes proper watering, temperature control, and even finishing many of our plants outside. These steps are not designed to save time and money (believe me!) but to ensure the plants will thrive for you when you get them home. We know the chain does not end when our plants go out the door. The final link is how they are cared for when you take them home. While we do not come to your door to water and care for them, we offer quality potting soil, fertilizers, and most of all sound advice so you can grow your best garden ever.

There are many ways growers can cut corners to either sell at a cheaper price or put more money in their pockets. We made the decision a long time ago to offer only the best by doing what we think is the best. Making sure each link in the chain is sound is how you will reap the benefits of healthy plants.

Keith Scheiderer