About Us

It’s been 22 years since my wife Candi and I first opened our greenhouse on this same farm where my parents, grandparents, and great grandparents all made their living.   Over the years, cows have been milked, hogs have been fed, chickens have laid countless eggs, hay has been baled, and corn, soybeans, and wheat have been planted and harvested on this very farm.  Today, our son Charlie and nephew Patrick still grow corn, soybeans, wheat, and hay, and raise a few beef cattle.  Candi and I raise a few chickens for our eggs, but the crops we grow are hanging baskets, flowers, perennials, and vegetable plants.


We go to great lengths to offer the best quality plants you can find anywhere.  This quality is achieved not by cutting corners, but by carefully selecting the best plant varieties, using proper growing techniques, and using the highest quality potting mix, containers, and fertilizers.  These components, by themselves, do not produce the best plants but what truly sets our plants apart is our desire, drive, and commitment to offer you the best that we can produce. In addition to superb plants, we are determined to offer you an experience at Scheiderer Farms you cannot find anywhere else.  In fact, we hope we’ll be the highlight of your day!


Candi and I have been blessed to live here all of our married life and watch our three children grow up here.  This is our home and we are thankful to all of you who have visited us in the past and to those who plan to visit for the first time.  We hope you have a wonderful experience here every time you visit and feel how much we truly appreciate you for thinking of us.