Favorite Fifteen – Heuchera

Favorite Fifteen – Heuchera

One of my favorites – ‘Caramel”Heuchera is our Favorite 15 plant featured this week. Heuchera are perennials that are native to North America.  They grow in well drained areas from Connecticut to western Canada to Mexico.  Fifteen years ago when we first started, there were few varieties to choose from.  There were green leaf ones and a new one with purple leaves called Palace Purple.  New varieties with silvery and purple leaves began to trickle into the market.  The floodgates were then opened and new colors from chartreuse to pink to orange to black, and everything in between flooded the scene.

Heuchera 'Midnight Roses'

Heuchera ‘Midnight Roses’

One of my favorites - 'Caramel"Heuchera are grown primarily for their foliage with not only unique colors but some have ruffly leaves as well.  They grow best in part sun with shade during the heat of the day.  Too much sun can cause the leaves to brown on the edges.  Heuchera do best in well drained soil.  They have fibrous roots that will rot in wet soils and will not make it through the winter.  Most heuchera are evergreen in more mild winters.  In the spring you will want to cut off the bad looking leaves.  All heuchera have flowers but on many varieties they only distract from the foliage.  Hummingbirds are attracted to their flowers though so you may want to leave them alone.   When the flowers are finished cut the stems off below the canopy of leaves.

When so many varieties began to hit the market I must say I thought it was a bit much.  I have to admit, I am now a huge heuchera fan.  I think you will be to if you give these interesting and unique foliage perennials a try.